Nestled on 12 acres of meticulously manicured landscape, Wychwood Gardens Cooperative Association Inc. is a pet friendly community, collectively owned by the shareholders of the 183 residences and 88 garages housed in 17 two story brick buildings. The charming, carefully designed and maintained residences consist of one, two and three bedroom units built in 1968 and converted to a cooperative in 1988.


Wychwood Gardens is located in a quiet residential setting in the town of Westfield, one of the safest communities in the state. Living-rooms and bedrooms feature hardwood floors. Residential parking is located to the rear of the buildings and street parking is available for both residents and guests. Air conditioners are recessed in the wall and washers and dryers are conveniently located in the basement of most buildings.


A large, well maintained pool, surrounded by tables, umbrellas and lounge chairs is open from Memorial Day until mid-September. Maintenance chores such as snow removal, lawn and pool care and the upkeep of the common areas is provided by the cooperative efforts of an elected Board of Directors and Falkin Financial Corporation, Property Manager. An onsite resident-manager is available to assist with problems or emergencies.


In 2017, Wychwood proudly became one of the first “SMOKE FREE” Cooperative Communities in the state. Quality of life issues and amenities play an important role in keeping Wychwood a charming choice for suburban living. Wychwood Gardens is conveniently located less than 3 miles from both downtown Cranford and downtown Westfield. Both communities offer excellent  shopping and dining opportunities as well as access to three public parks. Public transportation is offered locally making commuting or travel available and convenient. All of the amenities provided to and within Wychwood Gardens help reserve its place as a delightful community offering an excellent quality of life to its residents.




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