Effective Saturday morning, May 26th, the pool is officially open for your summer use. Hours are dawn to dusk. Enjoy!!

Click Links Below To Download Pool Application & Rules/Regulations. You can also view the Rules/Regulations below the image.
“For Wychwood’s pool rules see the Rules and Regulations regarding pools in section IX.”

Pool Pass Application – Click Here

Pool Rules & Regulations – Click Here

COVID-19 Pool Rules


All residents must sign themselves & any children or guest in.  If you store a chair in the storage area you must tag your chair with your name. 

Any chair without a name tag will be discarded.



Pool rules 2018


  1. All residents and guests must sign their names, time of arrival & time of departure upon entering and exiting
  2. ****a no smoking policy has been put in effect for the pool and entrance area. Failure to comply will result in a fine and loss of pool privileges****
  3. Any person showing evidence of any communicable skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharges, or any other communicable disease shall be denied admission.
  4. Any person with excessive sunburn, open blisters, cuts, or bandages shall be denied admission.
  5. All children in diapers must wear diapers specially designed for immersion in water ( such as swimming diapers . Do not wash out soiled diapers in the bathing water.
  6. Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water. Immediately report any “accidents” Karen Quirk  732 – 207- 7121.  
  7. Parents with children must maintain the quiet enjoyment of the pool for all residents to enjoy.
  8. All persons shall shower before entering the water.
  9. No animals, except for service animals, shall be allowed in the swimming pool area, dressing rooms, or other parts of the enclosure.
  10. Glass containers shall be prohibited in the pool area
  11. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in plastic containers only in the pool area.
  12. No alcoholic beverages at the pool.
  13. Conduct that endangers the safety and comfort of others shall be prohibited.
  14. Outdoor bathing shall be prohibited during an electrical storm.
  15. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the water.
  16. An adult must accompany children 13 years of age or younger
  17. No diving is permitted and the use of floatation devices
  18. Swimming is only allowed from dawn to dusk.
  19. No Lifeguards are on duty .Please swim with a buddy for safety precaution
  20. If any shareholder has an incident to report, it must be written and sent to management.
  21. There is now a phone in the pool house to be used in case of emergency the number is 908-233-2064
  22. Due to limited amount of lounge chairs, please be considerate and mindful of others. There is no “reserving” or “saving” chairs.
  23. Music may be played at a respectable level

 Failure to obey these rules may result in a fine and/or loss of pool privileges.

  1. First offense $25.00
  2. Second offense $50.00
  3. Third offense loss of privileges

Hours of operation (weather permitting)

Weekdays and Weekends: Dawn to Dusk

Guest privileges for unit owners:

  1. For safety reasons, only shareholders/ renters are allowed to swim during the week.
  2. Guests must be accompanied by the resident/owner and are welcomed at all times. Residents must sign in their guest and must be present at all times.
  3. There is no fee for guests.
  4. Anyone planning on having 6 or more guests on any one day should contact the management office one week in advance. There can be no more than 2 groups of 6 at a time. Reservations are on a first call basis. Guests cannot exceed 10 people. Please be courteous and bring your own chairs for guests as chairs are limited

The pool may be closed for maintenance operations, health conditions, weather, or any reason deemed sufficient by the pool manager.